East Cleveland Batscape

Bat walks and talks


There will be a wealth of opportunities for people of all ages to encounter, enjoy, learn and appreciate bats in their neighbourhood through a programme of walks, talks, bat events, primary school visits and the creation of a new East Cleveland Bat Group.

Both the East Cleveland Batscape launch events in Saltburn and Loftus were a huge success, with the Woodlands centre in the Valley gardens in Saltburn full to capacity. The event was the most successful they have ever held there.

There have also been quite a few other bat walks undertaken in the area, all with a lot of interest and always with decent numbers of bats being detected. Now, at this time of year the nights are too light, so organised bat walks will not re-commence until the end of August. However, there are already several bat walks scheduled for when the nights are not so late:

Upcoming Events

We will try to keep information upto date on events, but there are often other batty activities going on through the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust: