SM2 Detector

When you get your detector you need to open it up, using a screw driver, see pictures below:



Check the 4 D cell batteries are charged and there is an SD card in the detector, using picture above as a guide. Put the second set of batteries on charge for use later by you or by the next user.

Now you are ready to turn the detector on, slide the white power switch up, this switch is in the centre of the right side of the box.

Most of the settings should not be altered, but you need to put in your location, see instructions to follow:

  • Press SELECT. Use DOWN button to move the flashing cursor to SETTINGS, then press SELECT.
  • Move cursor down to LOCATION, press SELECT. The cursor will flash against PREFIX. Press SELECT. This will show you the last person’s data e.g. NZ6917 [for Kilton Thorpe]
  • Move cursor along the line by using ‘SELECT’, and input your chosen survey grid square i.e. NZ7018 [for Kilton], by using UP / DOWN buttons to change the letters and numbers. This only has to be done once for your 1-km square. Use BACK for corrections. A good website for finding a grid reference is If you put in your location, ie Loftus, this will let you move the cursor over the map to where you are and give you the four figure grid ref, ie NZ7118. If you do not know your grid square enter your own name.
  • When your grid square is entered SELECT and the cursor will jump to the left of the word PREFIX. Press WAKE/EXIT and your grid reference will have been programmed.
  • Check the prefix by pressing WAKE/EXIT, press SELECT, go to SETTINGS / LOCATION/ PREFIX – if it is ok, press WAKE/EXIT. If not, change it, as above.

IMPORTANT – all other settings, including recording timing and clock are pre-set and should not be altered.

The machine is now programmed to record data from your selected grid square onto the SD card in slot A. There is no need to switch the detector off until you have brought it in from outside and are returning it to the hub. It uses very little battery when sat doing nothing. The detector has been formatted to record at specific times, 20 minutes before sunset to 20 minutes after sunrise. If it is outside of the time it is set to record the detector will flash green once a minute (light visible with cover on) and then when it wakes up and starts recording it will flash every four seconds.

When replacing the cover make sure you place it the correct way so the led light cover is over the led light on the right hand side of the detector. This is to the bottom right of the digital display underneath the screw. Do not screw the cover on too tightly as they are only plastic and this will wear them down over time, but obviously tight enough to be weatherproof.

The detector is now ready to use. Attach the microphone to the cable and then the pole, with cable ties. Plug it into the detector on the right hand plug, just to the right of the LED light. This is NOT the same as the image above. The image above shows the microphone lead attached to the left hand socket. We want it in the right hand socket.

The green light on the front of the box will flash once every minute when the box is armed but sleeping or once every four seconds when the detector is recording.

Leave the detector on the ground or on a very secure surface and check the microphone pole is secure and leave until early the next morning.

Check on the detector and pole each morning you have the equipment deployed, to make sure the pole is still upright and the SM2 has not been in a flooded area. When recovering the equipment to take back to your local bat hub, open the box and turn the power switch to OFF.

Thanks to the Norfolk Bat Project for their support, for more detailed instructions see

A few polite requests:

Please recharge the batteries before taking back the kit. There is not always time to recharge them between loans and we do not want batteries to die half way through when someone is surveying. There are battery chargers with every kit  (and battery testers with most kits).

Please make sure you remove the microphone and replace the dust cap on the socket before packing the detector up and handing it over.

Download quick start guide

SM2 QuickStart Guide (PDF)